How would you consider your style?

We consider our style to have a documentary feel.  We strive for a very hands off photojournalistic approach to capture authentic moments as they occur.  This is blending with some tradition of capturing all the necessary family and couple portraits.

How long have you been in business?

We’ve been shooting weddings since Nov 2011 !

I have heard that you do not have packages.  What is included in your rates?

We do not offer packages.  We customize plans to the needs of each client.  We find that custom plans work best for today’s clients. For an Idea check our investment section

When should I book you?

ASAP! How long people book in advance of their wedding varies from couple to couple, But Popular Dates always go really fast, We can’t reserve your date until we have a contract and a deposit in hand. Most of our clients book 6-12 months in advance.

Where are you located?

B – 4/223 (Basement) Safdarjung Enclave Extension, New Delhi – 110029

Do you travel for weddings?
Yes, please! We love traveling and the opportunity to create and explore somewhere new every chance we get.

What if you die? Who will photograph my wedding?

If we die, we will definitely not photograph your wedding. However, if we only lose a limb, we’ll be there. (And if we can’t be there – which has never happened before – we’re a member of several professional organizations where we can find someone just as good as us to photograph your wedding. If you’re not comfortable with this, we will refund you all your money)

How do you manage when relatives and guests block your way?

We ask them to give us space to click pictures, we can only request them to give us space but we can’t be rude to them.

We are not responsible if they don’t understand or they refuse to give us space important shots can be miss. We recommend you to explain them it’s important for us to roam around without any restriction so that we can click good pictures.

How early do you usually show up to a wedding?

Most clients hire us an hour to an hour and a half before the ceremony or first look. The moments before the wedding actually begins are just as sentimental and beautiful.

Do you bring back up cameras?

Heck- we bring back ups of back ups. We’re a little neurotic when it comes to this stuff. We have back up cameras, lighting, memory cards, tripods, and more batteries than you’ve probably ever seen in one place.

Our wedding will going to be around 12hrs long, do we get 12hrs long video ?

Sorry, we dont record each and everything only important events, raw footage might be around 2-3hrs. We process them edit them and make a movie out of it, duration of a wedding film can be around 40-60mins.

Do we need to give you a meal at the wedding?

Only if you don’t want us to die of starvation 🙂 It’s also best to feed us when you’re fed. We don’t take pictures of you eating (never flattering) and once you’re done, you’re off mingling and we want to be there to capture that.

Do you ever stay past the time you’re contracted for?

We do- we have an overtime rate and we’ll let you know at the wedding when we’re planning to depart and you can choose to have us stay if you’d like.

What if any of our guests misbehave with you or your team?

Well we are professionals and we generally avoid such guests but if someone is troubling us a lot we will inform you first before taking any action.

How many edited photos do we get on our DVD/Pendrive/HardDrive?

You get ‘em all (just minus the duplicates and photos with people’s eyes closed that we delete). We average about 20-25 photos PER HOUR!

How long does it take to receive our images?

Art is hard. We spend a lot of time with your images after the wedding, curating your story, and skillfully developing the photos to create a collection that we’ll all be proud of. That being said; the average time to get your proof set is six to twelve weeks. We recommend you to provide us with your spare hard drive so that we can save some copy part.  Sometimes sooner, never later.

Are you going to use our picture for your promotion/broachers/or any printed manner ?

We will inform you before printing your pictures for our promotions but for online platforms we hold the right to upload any top 10pictures from any of your function.

How does the album design process work?

We required 200pictures from you to design One wedding album which can hold upto 150pictures, on the basis of 150picture we choose we will design layout for your album & mail it to you for your approval. After approval your album can take 10working days.

Do you also do videos ?

Yes we do videos, we offer cinematic video which is Full HD in resolution.

How do you transfer video ?

We transfer your cinematic video (full hd) to your hard drive/Pen drive, we don’t provide dvd for cinematic video.

Do you provide Raw Data ?

Yes we do, we can transfer all your raw data to your hard drive.

How much time do you take to process data ?

After delivering your raw data to you we roughly takes 25-35working days to start your processing your work.

I still have questions ?

Send us an email at